Dock Deicers & Ice Eaters

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Kasco De-Icers

Kasco de-icers
  • > Most energy efficient deicer on the market
  • > 360⁰ flow past the impeller for a wider clearing area
  • > Lowest cost deicer option
  • > Made in the USA

Power House Ice Eaters

Power House ice eaters
  • > Shroud enables targeted water flow
  • > Dielectric fluid is nontoxic and biodegradable
  • > Three year warranty – Best in category
  • > Made in the USA

Dock Deicers, also known as Ice Eaters and Dock Bubblers, are designed to prevent and remove ice by providing a continuous flow of warmer water to the surface. Marine deicers are ideal for boat docks, piers, marinas, ponds and duck hunting, by providing an ice-free zone in a targeted area. A wonderful ecological benefit is that dock deicers keep open, non-frozen areas of water which absorb oxygen and help to sustain fish and other aquatic species.

Do you think these are only for use in the winter? Think again! De-icers, ice eaters or dock bubblers provide year-round benefits such as helping to eliminate stagnant water areas and the foul odors and floating plant growth that accompanies them. Save time, money and effort in caring for your boat dock, pier or marina by using the benefits of a dock deicer or ice eater.