Kasco Float Mount


  • Mounts your Kasco De-icer to the bottom of any float
  • Made from durable, marine-grade materials
  • Automatically adjusts to varying water levels
  • Includes two 50' nylon securing ropes
  • 2 Year Warranty - Made in USA
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Kasco Float Mount

The Kasco Deicer Float Mount is a multi-use mounting option that works well for many situations. The horizontal mounting position of the de-icer creates a long current that clears ice and debris quickly and efficiently. This Kasco deicer mount is perfect for use in shallow water or spots where the water level tends to fluctuate.

  • Suspends your Kasco Deicer just below the bottom of the float
  • This pond deicer float mount is perfect for shallow water or spots where water levels fluctuate
  • Horizontal position creates a longer and narrower area of clearance which can be useful for clearing a straight dock
  • Automatically adjusts position in changing water levels to ensure de-icer is never too far below or above water surface
  • Made from marine-grade materials for extreme durability
  • This Kasco deicer float mount comes with two 50' nylon ropes for securing to stakes or weights
  • Requires 1' clearance to bottom to prevent debris being caught in unit
  • 2 year warranty
Other Uses
  • Create artificial currents to prevent weeds or other debris from drifting in undesired locations
  • Deflect current that back eddies into coves, dropping sediment and silting docks
  • Prevent water from stagnating behind docks and other structures
  • Use this pond deicer float mount to keep water clear in small ponds or lakes for waterfowl hunting or fishing
About Kasco Marine

Kasco Marine, Inc. was founded in 1968 with the introduction of the Kasco Deicer. This first innovation was designed to help marinas protect equipment in the water during harsh Minnesota winters. The company has since grown and improved their deicer design to become an industry leader in de-icing equipment. Kasco has a well-established reputation among engineers, architects, distributors, contractors, and property owners for high quality products and outstanding customer support.

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