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Boat Seats: 5 Seats Worthy of Captains

Boat seats are a little like shoes. As long as they're comfortable, functional, and in relatively good condition, we tend not to think much about them. But the fact remains, we spend a great deal of time in them, and their condition has a direct impact on our day. When it’s time to [...]

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Making Waves: Boyan Slat's Quest to Clean Up Our Oceans

If you haven’t heard the name of Boyan Slat, it’s time you did, because he’s in the process of significantly changing the world for the better. Slat is an avid diver; he has been since childhood. And just like many of us, who have hobbies and passions that get us out into nature, [...]

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Favorite Getaways: 5 "Worst" Fishing & Boating Destinations

The problem with having favorite secret getaways is that the more you talk about them, the less secret they become. And yet, it’s impossible not to talk about them. Sharing these natural wonders with others is almost as natural as breathing. And yet you dread the day when you go there only to [...]

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Boat Fenders & Buoys: The Changing Tide

Boat fenders are unsung heroes. They are the first and last line of defense against the unrelenting forces of nature, humans, and Newtonian Physics. And, for a relatively small investment in the grand scheme of things, they work wonders to keep our boats from a great deal of harm, and thus our wallets from [...]

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Bimini Tops and UV Safety on the Water

Summer means being outdoors. It means soaking up the sun and having fun. It means getting out on the water with friends and family. Yet, as any doctor will tell you, we have to protect ourselves from the sun’s dangerous and damaging effects. However, out on the water, options to protect yourself and your [...]

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6 Boating Tips to Consider in a Drought

With most of the West Coast facing moderate to extreme drought conditions this summer, reflecting on and practicing boater safety is more important than ever. In fact, the state of California, which is now in its fourth year of drought, has noted that between 2013 and 2014 there was a 59% increase in collisions with [...]

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The Legendary Round Inflatable Buoy

Polyform A Series Buoys | Taylor Made Tuff End Buoys Used by the U.S. Navy, Coast Guard, and commercial fishermen alike, these buoys are ideal for areas with large waves or tidal fluctuations The familiar iconic round inflatable buoys are surprisingly versatile and durable. These classically red buoys are sometimes unofficially called ball fenders or buoy balls. In addition to their obvious use [...]

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Measuring For a Boat Ladder - 5 Simple Steps

Regardless of what type of ladder you need for your boat or where you will mount it, the basics of how to measure are the same. Follow these simple steps to ensure you have selected the right ladder for your mounting space. Pick the mounting location. We have ladders that mount to the bow, side, transom, [...]

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