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The DeckMate – 6 Boat Tools in 1!

If you’re shopping on SavvyBoater.com, chances are you’re probably, well, a savvy boater — or, you want to become one. In either case, you know that one of the best feelings in the world is getting out on the [insert your favorite body of water here], and nothing can stop you from doing just that. Unless… something goes [...]

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Boaters should be aware of “Sharktivity” before they hit the open water this summer

We all know the two most ominous and terrifying notes in all of movie soundtrack history: The infamous duunn-dun that signals an impending shark attack in Spielberg’s classic 1975 horror film, Jaws.Unlike the shark’s ill-fated victims in the movie, boaters can be better prepared for their next trip out on the water thanks to a new free [...]

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Master Angler Program: Travel Manitoba

The Master Angler Program in Manitoba had been around for 50 years, making it the oldest master angler program in North America. According to the program’s website, over “10,000 trophy fish from 30 qualifying species were caught and recorded - and almost 90% of those were released!” The program was set in place to highlight [...]

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Top 10 Family-Friendly Places to Fish and Boat in 2016

It's summer time! Pick the best place for your family vacation! 1. Everglades National Park, FL Ideal for skilled boaters and fishermen! With one third of the park covered by water, and both freshwater and saltwater fishing. Plus, enjoy hiking, camping, and biking. The park was established in 1947 to preserve the land, animals, and plants. Admission fee: $20 per vehicle, 7 [...]

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Summer Fun with Backyard Bass!

Summer is almost here! With the kids out of school you may be asking yourself, “How am I going to keep them busy?” They could sit in front of the TV, or mindlessly play videos games all summer, but I want my kids to get outside and be active. The answer is Backyard Bass. Backyard Bass are fish shaped casting [...]

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5 Top Tips to Maintain Your Dock Deicer

If you left your boat in the water this winter, it’s time to make sure you’re maintaining your deicer. It’s an expensive thing to discover an ice damaged boat in the spring. Maintaining your deicer is the best way to avoid that. Here are our 5 top tips to maintain your dock deicer or ice eater this [...]

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2015's Best Stocking Stuffers for Boaters & Fishermen

Sometimes it's hard to find the perfect stocking stuffers for the boater or fisherman in your life. You know he loves his hobby. But that still doesn't mean you know what to get him. We're here to help. This year, we've chosen stocking stuffers that we know almost every boater or fisherman will love. And they're [...]

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5 Things to Consider When Buying a De-Icer

So… you’ve decided to invest in a de-icer to protect your personal property from costly ice damage this winter, but you’re not quite sure exactly what you need to get the job done. Well, de-icing is a bit of an art form, and as such, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution that will apply to every scenario. [...]

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