Kasco Marine Deicers

  •  Made in the USA
  •  Protect against fish kills & ice damage
  •  Improve overall water quality with proper circulation
  •  Outstanding customer service

The Kasco Deicer is your best defense against winter fish kills and damage to property due to ice formation and expansion. By providing superior thrust and water movement, Kasco's deicers push warm bottom water to the surface preventing and eliminating ice formation. Our marine deicers can create an ice-free area as large as 90 ft. in diameter, helping to ensure your fish and property will be protected throughout the winter. Kasco's deicers can also be used in warmer climates to help promote proper circulation of water to improve overall water quality. By providing circulation, you'll be eliminating foul odors and stagnant water areas, may help limit floating plant growth, and eliminate floating debris. Kasco marine deicers fit a variety of applications as they can be anchored with ropes or use a dock mount.

Kasco Marine Deicer
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Quick Comparison Guide
Kasco De-Icer ModelMotorVoltageRunning AmpsThrustTypical Cleared Area*
2400D 1/2 HP 120V 5.7 29 lbs. Up to 50' Diameter
3400D 3/4 HP 120V 7 36 lbs. Up to 75' Diameter
3400HD 3/4 HP 240V 3.5 36 lbs. Up to 75' Diameter
4400D 1 HP 120V 9.1 41 lbs. Up to 90' Diameter
4400HD 1 HP 240V 4.5 41 lbs. Up to 90' Diameter
*Extreme winter conditions may result in a smaller open diameter.
Kasco Marine Deicer Features
Deicer Specifications
  • Available Kasco marine deicer models: 1/2 HP, 3/4 HP, or 1 HP
  • Voltage: 120V or 240V
  • Typically clears a 50'-90' diameter (cleared area may vary in extreme conditions)
  • Patented PVC outer design improves water flow and accuracy with 4 de-icing patterns
  • 25', 50', 100', 150' or 200' power cords are oil and water resistant
  • Extreme duty power cords prevent loss of voltage as electricity passes from power source to deicer unit
  • Includes two 20' suspension ropes for easy suspended operation
Durability and Performance
  • Continuous-duty single phase motor is oil-immersed and overload protected with automatic reset
  • Kasco marine deicers are made from durable, marine-grade materials
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel cage protects propeller
  • Power cords are oil and water resistant and cold weather flexible to -50&degF (-45.5&degC)
  • NOTE: Use of extension cords is not recommended with Kasco marine deicers, as it results in reduced performance and may damage the unit
Other Uses
  • Kasco marine deicer functions as a circulator to deter winter fish kills
  • Acts as an aerator in warmer months to minimize mosquito reproduction
  • Kasco deicer creates a current to avoid algae or debris buildup
  • Directs algae or debris to a designated area for easy collection
Kasco Warranty
  • 2 year limited warranty
Mounting Options
Cord Lengths
  • Standard 25' water and oil resistant quick change cord with three-prong molded plug
  • Available cord lengths: 50' or 100'
about Kasco Marine

Kasco has been moving water forward since 1968. The latest technology, design, and manufacturing has allowed us to maintain leadership in industries around the world. We are focused and committed to being best in class when it comes to quality, leadership, and solutions. Quality is our mission. Quality in our innovative designs, quality in our manufacturing, quality in our service. Our equipment quality has been proven in installations around the world, in the harshest environments and most demanding applications. Even though we stand up to these challenges we keep striving to do even better. Kasco Marine started innovating nearly 50 years ago when we invented the deicer. Today, our engineers, scientists and biologists continue our tradition of leadership with innovative product development and continuous product improvement. We’re not just selling products, we’re delivering solutions. At Kasco Marine we’re always innovating.

customer testimonials

"This is our second Kasco Deicer; the first is still working great in its fourth winter of use... set this up and you won't have to worry about ice around your investment!" — Maxine

"Flexibility, a good sense of fairness, and generosity: these are among Kasco Marine’s great qualities, and are nicely reflected through the decisions you and others in the company make." — John