Kasco Deicer Thermostat | 120V


  • Specially designed for 120V Kasco De-icers
  • Allows you to set desired on/off temperatures
  • Ensures de-icer only operates when necessary
  • Saves energy and extends the life of your de-icer
  • 2 Year Warranty - Made in USA
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Kasco Deicer Thermostat | 120V

Monitor the condition of your dock and deicer even while you are away with the Kasco De-icer Thermostat for 120V deicers. The thermostat can be set to turn the deicer on when the water temperature drops below a desired setting, and will turn off automatically when the desired temperature is reached.

  • Designed for 120V Kasco Deicers
  • Kasco deicer thermostat saves energy by ensuring deicer operates only when needed
  • Extends the life of the deicer by eliminating unnecessary operating time
  • Allows you to set desired on/off temperatures
  • Unit turns on when designated "on" temperature is reached
  • Unit turns off either when air temperature exceeds "on" temperature by 2.5 degrees and/or when temperatures are above freezing
  • Easy in-line installation; Plugs into a standard 120V outlet
  • Unit should be exposed to outside air temperatures but sheltered from rain and ice
  • 2 year warranty
About Kasco Marine

Kasco Marine, Inc. was founded in 1968 with the introduction of the Kasco Deicer. This first innovation was designed to help marinas protect equipment in the water during harsh Minnesota winters. The company has since grown and improved their deicer design to become an industry leader in de-icing equipment. Kasco has a well-established reputation among engineers, architects, distributors, contractors, and property owners for high quality products and outstanding customer support.

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