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Smooth sailing with EZ Slide Trailer Slides and BunkEnders

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The sun is hot, the fish are jumpin’ and the water’s fine. We know our SavvyBoater.com customers hop from lake to lake, river to river looking for that perfect wake, or the best fishing spot. Of course, that involves taking your boat in and out of the water several times during the summer.

Even if you’re planning on trailering your boat only once or twice this summer, it’s easy to cause some serious wear-and-tear on your trailer bunk carpet — as well as on your boat itself — without the use of trailer slides. Make the loading and launching process much smoother (quite literally) with our patented E-Z Slide Trailer Slides and BunkEnders.

Although they are two separate products, E-Z Slide Trailer Slides and BunkEnders go together swimmingly. The trailer slides are used for a smooth loading and launching process—essential for an easy, relaxing afternoon on the lake. BunkEnders are installed on the open end of the trailer to protect the carpeted trailer bunk from wearing down every time you load your boat.

BunkEnders may seem small—at 8” long and 3” wide—but they are extremely effective. Molded from a slick, high density polymer, these BunkEnders are made to fit on either 4" or 6" bunks. Plus, stainless mounting screws are included for easy installation.

Both products are sturdy enough to withstand all weathering and premature wear for metal boats up to 4,000 pounds or fiberglass boats up to 1,500 pounds. American-made, they come in black or white and with a five-year warranty. 

The E-Z Slide Trailer Slides are a natural pairing to the BunkEnders. They mount at various points along your trailer bunk with stainless steel screws (give our customer support team a call if you need tips on how to space them out!). The slides are available in widths to fit 2”, 4” and 6” bunks, and measure 10” long. As an added bonus, BunkEnders are included in the 4” E-Z Slide Trailer Slide kits.

So, if you have a bucket list of lakes or rivers to hit before the summer ends, make your boat loading and launching process much smoother—order some E-Z Slide Trailer Slides and BunkEnders today! Your boat (and your wallet) will thank you for it.

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