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Measuring For a Boat Ladder - 5 Simple Steps

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Regardless of what type of ladder you need for your boat or where you will mount it, the basics of how to measure are the same. Follow these simple steps to ensure you have selected the right ladder for your mounting space.

  1. Pick the mounting location. We have ladders that mount to the bow, side, transom, and swim platform.
  2. Measure from your desired mounting location to the top of the waterline.
  3. Add about 18" to this measurement to arrive at a recommended ladder length. If you want additional ease of boarding, shop for a ladder longer than your recommended length; these will be ladders with more steps.
  4. Measure the available width, and make sure no features like a motor or rails will be in the way of the ladder.
  5. If you want a removable ladder, pick a storage location and measure its dimensions. We provide stowed dimensions for all removable ladders. Check that the ladder you're interested in will fit your storage area.

Side-mount Pontoon Boat Boarding Ladder

And that's it! If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to send us an email, use our live chat feature, or give us a call. 

Safe boating!

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