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Every time you hit the water, you know you're getting high performance and and premium quality at an excellent value.

  • Highest Quality Metals
  • Unique Casting for Blades
  • Octagonal Rubber-Molded Hubs
  • Widest Selection of Props
Customer Testimonials

"I have had one for about a year. I’m still trying to wear it out! It is very shiny and never shows rust spots so I doubt it is as hard as some others… Good prop for the money and a lot of options." — 27contender

“I just bought a Solas Rubex (propeller)... why did I wait so long? Went from a Vortex to Solas, can truly tell the difference.” — GSH55

solas boat propellers, an excellent value

At the forefront of design excellence and quality manufacturing, Solas is one of the leading brands in the boat prop industry. Founded in 1986, throughout the years Solas has maintained its reputation as a consistent and committed manufacturer of quality boat propellers. They believe in their products and their ability to improve the experience of all water-craft recreation, boating, and water sports.

Thanks to their outstanding R&D team, Solas is constantly searching for areas of improvement on existing technologies. During their manufacturing processes, Solas implements:

  • Propeller theory
  • Quantitative data analysis
  • Realistic field testing technologies

At Solas, enforcing strict quality control standards is a must. Across production, balancing, and testing procedures, high standards ensure the most optimal level of performance and quality for each propeller. Two mainstays that work to set Solas props apart from other brands are:

  • A unique casting process that yields stronger, thinner, and smoother blades
  • Specially designed, rubber-molded octagonal hubs that increase vibrational absorption and reduce slippage

For any further questions about choosing your Solas brand prop, we encourage you to pick up the phone, chat with us online, or send us an email. We'd love to hear from you!

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