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Solas Aluminum Boat Propellers
Aluminum Propellers
Solas Stainless Steel Boat Propellers
Stainless Steel Propellers

Solas maintains the highest standards for their propellers, which results in a durable product with the strongest blades.

Solas propellers are precision manufactured with high quality materials for stronger, thinner, and smoother blades.

Their specially designed hubs are rubber molded in an octagonal shape to absorb vibration and reduce slipping.

Solas enforces strict quality control standards that are employed throughout production, balancing and testing processes to ensure that each propeller performs at the highest level.

✔ Widest selection of props

✔ Octagonal rubber-molded hubs

✔ Built with the highest quality metals

✔ Unique casting for the thinnest & strongest blades

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