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PowerTech is an internationally recognized market leader specializing in marine stainless-steel propellers. PowerTech props are the optimal choice to replace Honda, Suzuki, Volvo or Yamaha components. PowerTech propellers are manufactured with a unique geometric composition. Upgrading to one of these durable, high-quality props will offer instant improvement to your boat or marine vessel.


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Customer Testimonials

"There were a lot of positives that came out of the OFS prop. The speed was nice, as was the hole shot. The getting it up and keeping it up on plane were probably the most appealing (as we are some times dealing with fairly heavy seas where you have to watch your speed), in addition to getting the motor working in its optimal operating range..." — Herman F.

"Got the boat out finally yesterday, very noticeable difference, looks like a good all-around fit. The bite and stern lift are noticable.The boat used to struggle out of the hole requiring a lot of throttle. Now it slides right up and out with much less drama and much less gas, and if I hammer it you better be holding on. Holding plane at low speeds is noticeably better and top end is actually improved as the engine can now rev out fully. It feels more "connected" to the water and less bow-happy and no porpoising." — John C.

About PowerTech

PowerTech propellers have designed and manufactured top-quality marine craft propellers for over 30 years. These props are fabricated from stainless steel and are an optimal choice to replace Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and Volvo components. No matter what brand of motor is installed inside your boat, PowerTech has a propeller that will match it perfectly to give you additional agility, power, speed and stability.

Upgrading to one of these sturdy, high-performance PowerTech propellers means that you see immediate improvements. Your turns become much steadier and your acceleration rate improves noticeably. Many boaters also report faster tops speeds inside their crafts with these props. The secret to their better performance? The construction. Previously, manufacturers used a process by which individual blades were welded on to a central hub. However, technologies have advanced dramatically in the last few years, and PowerTech props are all solidly cast in one piece. This increases the propeller’s durability so they’re less likely to break down, come apart or experience corrosion. Moreover, PowerTech props feature a unique geometrical design that enhances function and efficiency.

Once you’ve selected the model, horsepower and year of your craft’s motor, you’ll find a wide variety of propellers from which to choose. It’s easy to find what you need by parameters such as the pitch, number of blades and rotation direction. Equip your boat with all-around use PowerTech props or versions specially designed for extreme elevations, larger boats and heavy loads.

When you purchase one of these PowerTech marine propellers from us, you not only get superior-grade products but the care and support of an excellent customer service team. We’re here for you before, during and after the sale. Count on us to answer your questions and guide you to the ideal propeller for your craft. You’ll find that outfitting your boat with PowerTech props is one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.