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"I have used my Garelick sport diving ladder for scuba diving in the Monterey area for more than 15 years and it still looks like new... The Garelick is definitely worth the price without a doubt." — Winter

"Garelick is the leading brand name in premium seat and table hardware... It has a diverse portfolio of market-leading products." — Mark

about Garelick

Garelick takes pride in their product innovation, quality, and manufacturing integrity. For more than 60 years, they have proudly built their finely-crafted Garelick ladders right here in the United States. Garelick’s original EEZ-In ladders had such a different and unique design than the rest of the marine ladder market that Garelick earned immediate industry recognition. Since then, they have continued to build high-quality, innovative Garelick boat seats and other products that are used every day on many of the world’s finest boats.