Correct Craft Boat Covers

We proudly offer custom and semi-custom boat covers by Carver and Westland styled to fit most Correct Craft Whaler boat models, including the Nautique, Crossover, Super Sport and more! Whether you are looking for a boat cover to trailer your boat, or just need a cover to protect your Correct Craft from the elements, we have the perfect cover for you. Choose from our large selection of colors and quality fabrics to protect your vessel and increase the longevity of your investment.

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Carver Boat Covers Logo Carver Boat Covers
  • Free tie downs and storage bag
  • Wide range of fabrics
  • Made in USA
Westland Boat Covers Logo Westland Boat Covers
  • Free tie downs and custom covers
  • Variety of fabrics and colors
  • Made in North America
Correct Craft Boat Models We Cover
Correct Craft Models
Correct Craft 176 Closed BowCorrect Craft Air SV211Correct Craft Nautique Excel
Correct Craft 196 SkiCorrect Craft Air TiqueCorrect Craft Nautique Excel Bowrider
Correct Craft 226 LimitedCorrect Craft Barefoot NautiqueCorrect Craft Nautique Excel Closed Bow
Correct Craft Air NautiqueCorrect Craft Crossover 200Correct Craft Nautique Super Sport
Correct Craft Air Nautique 196Correct Craft Crossover 216Correct Craft Pro Air Nautique
Correct Craft Air Nautique 206Correct Craft Crossover 226Correct Craft Ski Nautique
Correct Craft Air Nautique 210Correct Craft Crossover 230Correct Craft Ski Nautique 176
Correct Craft Air Nautique 211Correct Craft Crossover 236Correct Craft Ski Nautique 196
Correct Craft Air Nautique 216Correct Craft Crossover Nautique 211Correct Craft Ski Nautique 196 LTD
Correct Craft Air Nautique 220Correct Craft Crossover Nautique 216Correct Craft Ski Nautique 200
Correct Craft Air Nautique 226Correct Craft Crossover Nautique 226Correct Craft Ski Nautique 2001
Correct Craft Crossover Nautique 236Correct Craft Nautique 211Correct Craft Nautique 206
Correct Craft NautiqueCorrect Craft Nautique 220Correct Craft Nautique 210
Correct Craft Nautique 196Correct Craft Nautique 226Correct Craft Nautique 236
Correct Craft Nautique 230