Components of a Bimini Top

▸ Where do I mount it?

▾ Where do I mount it?

  • Start at the widest point of your boat. From there move forward or back to achieve your desired coverage. Keep in mind the bimini will extend evenly ahead and behind the mounting point.
  • The tops are accommodating, so you can choose where and to what the Bimini gets attached, all based on your boat and your preference.
  • Mounting points can be on the gunwale (top, inside, or outside), on the windshield, or on a pontoon boat railing. A special tower-mount bimini is also available.

▸ How do I measure width?

▾ How do I measure width?

  • Measure in a straight line between the mounting points on either side of your boat. Make sure not to measure up and over or around obstacles.
  • Our biminis come in a range of widths. Choose the range in which your width measurement falls. The bimini will measure in the middle of the range, but can be flexed in or out.
Bimini top measurements

▸ How do I decide on a length?

▾ How do I decide on a length?

  • The mounting point is the center, so the top will extend half its length in front and half its length behind the mounting point.
    • A 6' top will cover 3' forward, and 3' behind the mounting point.
  • Check to see if your new Bimini might conflict with existing antennas or ski pylons.
Bimini top measurements

▸ How do I choose a height?

▾ How do choose a height?

  • Measure straight up from the mounting point.
    • Consider how much clearance you want underneath the Bimini to determine what height you should get.
    • With a 36" Bimini, the support bows will cross the boat 36" above the mounting point.
  • Keep in mind that the total standing height is the height of the bimini plus the height from the floor to the mounting point.
    • A 36" Bimini that is mounted 20" above the floor of the boat would have 56" of room.
Bimini top measurements

▸ Where will the bimini be when it's folded?

▾ Where will the bimini be when it's folded?

  • Measure from the mounting point toward the stern the height of the Bimini plus 12". That is approximately where it will cross your boat.
  • Is your Bimini totally out of the way when stowed? If not, consider:
    • Purchasing a rear brace kit that will keep the Bimini up and out of the way when not in use. Bimini top measurements
    • Purchasing sliding mounting tracks so the bimini can slide forward when deployed, and back when stowed. Bimini top slide mounting tracks

▸ What is the difference between 2-bow, 3-bow, and 4-bow?

▾ What is the difference between 2-bow, 3-bow, and 4-bow?

  • The reason some models have more bows is to support the longer length of the top.
  • 2-bows are 5 1/2' long
  • 3-bows are 6' long (with one 5' model)
  • 4-bows are 8' long (with 9' & 10' pontoon boat series also)