Boat Cover for Cabin Cruisers w/ Radar Arch - 29' x 120" |

Boat Cover for Cabin Cruisers w/ Radar Arch - 29' x 120"

Boat Cover for Cabin Cruisers w/ Radar Arch - 29' x 120
Boat Cover for Cabin Cruisers w/ Radar Arch - 29' x 120
Double stitched hem
Heavy duty shock cord
Free outboard motor cover
Free tie down straps

This best selling cover by Carver fits cabin cruisers with radar archs, bimini tops, and bow rails up to 30" high. The slot in the cover is 100" long.

Fits boats with:
  • Length, Min/Max:
  • 28'7'' - 29'6''
  • Width, Max:
  • 120"
  • Drive Type:
  • Inboard/Outboard

    Cover features:
    • Performance Polyguard Fabric
    • Draw rope in hem for a snug fit
    • Ratchets to tighten draw rope included
    • Trailerable when properly secured
    • 8 oz breathable fabric is water repellent and UV/mildew resistant
    • 5 year warranty

    • FREE shipping
    • FREE tie-downs
    • FREE storage bag

    Beige White Haze Gray
    Retail: $918.88  Sale Price: $791.26   
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    Ships in 4-5 Bus. Days

    Boat Cover for Cabin Cruisers w/ Radar Arch - 29' x 120"

    Carver semi-custom covers are our best selling boat covers and with good reason – they deliver an excellent combination of fit, protection and value. Because they are designed to fit the features of your specific boat style, you know you'll get the proper fit and the protection you need to make sure your boat is ready for fun when you are!

    Carver Semi-Custom Boat Cover Features

    • Fits your specific boat style
    • Includes 6" to 8" of overhang below the rub rail
    • Trailerable when properly secured
    • Seams are folded 4-ply so there are no rough edges to scratch your boat
    • Double stitching and weather resistant, anti-wick thread adds strength and durability
    • Double reinforced tie-down loops are sewn into the hem
    • Strong 1/4" shock cord is encased into hem for snug fit
    • Made in the USA

    Polyguard Fabric Features

    • Available in 3 colors
    • Excellent breathability
    • Very good water resistance and UV protection
    • Recommended for use in any climate
    • Good for storing, mooring or trailering your boat
    • 5 year warranty
    • Want to see and touch? Request a free fabric swatch today!

    Carver Boat Cover Videos

    How to Measure a Boat for a Boat Cover - Videos

    Today, we will show you how to properly measure your boat for a boat cover. You will need two measurements: the centerline length and the beam width. For an accurate centerline length, measure from the point of the boat's bow to the center of the transom. Be sure to hold your tape measure taught to avoid slack in the line. For both centerline length and beam width, be sure to not measure up or over any fixture, such as a window or a tower. All measurements must be in a straight, horizontal line. If you have a swim step, measure its depth and add to the centerline length. Note both measurements, as some covers will fit a step, and others will not. If it's difficult to measure your centerline length in a straight line, lay two boards on the dock or ground, lined up next to the boat: one perpendicular with the tip of the bow, the other perpendicular with the center of the transom. Then, measure between the two boards. For the beam width, measure from the outside to the outside, at the widest point on your boat. Again, hold the tape measure taught for accuracy. That's it--now you're ready to find your boat cover. Enjoy.

    About Carver Boat Covers by Carver Industries - Videos

    Carver boat covers are available in three categories, to give the boat owner a balance between perfect fit and perfect price. Our custom covers are made specifically for a make and year model boat, for the absolute best fit. Carver has an expansive pattern library for a wide range of popular boat manufacturers and models. Visit our website to learn more about the exacting details of our custom covers. Our styled-to-fit covers, better known as semi-custom covers, are our best selling, most popular category of covers--and for good reason: value. Our styled-to-fit covers are designed to accommodate all popular hull styles and boat configurations. For example, this 21 foot V-Hull Runabout Cover will fit a 21 foot V-Hull Runabout SeaRay, Bayliner, Four Winns, StingRay, and others. It is not custom to the specific boat, but a fitted cover designed to accommodate the primary characteristics of the boat style. Both custom and styled-to-fit covers are available in our premium boat cover fabrics, and are highly suited for trailering, when tied down and supported properly. Please visit our website,, to learn more about fabric options. Our flex series of covers is suitable for any boat. Available in 6 sizes that fit practically all 14 to 22 foot boats Economically priced, a flex fit cover is an excellent choice for storage, but is not recommended for trailering. At Carver Industries, we use only the highest grade marine fabrics and components available. We take pride in manufacturing all of our covers in South Carolina. This allows us to manage quality and craftsmanship on a daily basis, on every package going out the door. Here are some of the features that make Carver Covers your best choice: join seams are folded four-ply, no raw edges, double-stitch construction for added strength and durability, weather-resistant anti-wick thread is used throughout construction, double-reinforced tie-down loops are sewn in the hem for the purpose of tying your cover down, the best warranty in the business. To maintain the life of the boat cover, the cover must be properly tied down and supported, which leads us to our greatest strength: service. At Carver Industries, we pride ourselves on taking care of the customer. That's why when you call us, you speak with the person right here at our facility. Our competent and friendly staff can answer questions about fit, assist with fabric choices, or give advice on increasing the life of your cover. Whatever you may need, Carver Industries is here to help, because you can judge a boat by its cover.

    How to Assemble the Carver Boat Cover Support Poles - Videos

    Before we start assembling the pieces, let's make sure we have everything We should have one 20 inch length of 7/8 inch aluminum tubing, one 18 inch length of 3/4 inch aluminum tubing, two 18 inch lengths of 3/4 inch aluminum tubing, one boat vent, and two tube connectors. The 20 inch tubing will act as the base tube for height adjustment. Simply insert any of the 18 inch lengths of 3/4 inch tubing to add to the height of your support pole. If you have a connection that requires a snap, you can use the tubing with the attached snap as your connector. The rubber stopper at the end of the 20 inch tube is for a boost of added stability. To disassemble the boat vent, first twist the wing nut counter-clockwise off of the thread. Remove the bottom clamp, this is known as the lower flange. Slide it off, as well as the upper flange, which might take some pulling to come off. Next, use the diagram on your instructions to make your 2-1/4 inch template. Once you've cut out the outlined circle, use it to trace a mark onto your boat cover. Now, we are going to reassemble the boat vent. Put the upper flange back on the boat vent. This piece is going to go on top of the boat cover. We'll use this piece of cloth as an example. Place it into the hole that you created with your template. From underneath the boat cover, put the lower flange back on to the boat vent. Lock it in place, and then make sure you secure it with that wingnut. Once the boat vent is installed, you can attach the lengths of support poles, using as many or as few as needed.

    About Carver Boat Covers and Bimini Tops - SavvyBoater com Videos

    Every day, here at Carver... we strive to build a quality product at a competitive price. We stand behind it with excellent customer service. We manufacture all of our products right here in South Carolina. And we source more than 90% of our component materials here in the United States. Our metal is domestic. Our sewing thread is made in America. These are strong fittings. It makes a better frame. Our vinyl is local. This is tough fabric. All made right here in America. So we can build you a quality product. No shortcuts. Quality! We build it right. Our investments in technology keep us competetive. From the perfect design... to the perfect cut.

    It makes us more efficient. We take pride in what we do. We care. It matters. We promise to give you great service. We stand behind what we build. We ship it fast. On time. Any time. It matters. It matters. We promise to give you great service. To face any problem. We promise to make you happy. To promise to make it right. We stand behind what we build. We promise to answer your questions... to be reliable...dependable. Great service. We promise. Carver cares. It matters. It matters. It matters. American jobs, American quality. Choose Carver. Choose Carver. Choose Carver. It matters. So make Carver your choice, it matters.

    What people are saying about their Carver boat cover:

    The quality is excellent 
    I ordered this cover in dark grey. I love it. The quality is excellent, the fit perfect, and it covers the motor. The service was also excellent.  I received the cover in about 1 week. 
    Customer Reviews
    Author: C. Defero

    Top Quality
    I had recently purchased a cover for my 98 Hyde high side drift boat and it fits perfect. The cover is top quality between the material, stitching, tie down loops and fit.
    Customer Reviews
    Author: C. Maguinnes

    Fits my Valco 13 very nicely!
    I got this cover in storm grey for our Valco 13'and the fit is excellent!  I'm amazed by the quality of the material as it is so much heavier and nicer than other cover material I've looked at.  The workmanship is very good and the cover trailers nicely, allowing us to pre-load gear and save time on the ramp.
    Customer Reviews
    Author: B. Hadley

    Very nice cover
    Cover and motor cover are one piece, perfect to keep water out.
    Customer Reviews
    Author: B. Martin

    This top is tight and fits the hull perfectly
    Just received the top.  It seems to be made very well and fits perfectly.  From the looks of it, minimal supplemental supports will be necessary to keep water from pooling. 
    Customer Reviews
    Author: J. Coleman