Power House Aluminum Alloy Anode Replacement


  • Recommended for use in salt water
  • Protects de-icer motor from electrolysis
  • Does not contain Cadmium (which can poison the water)
  • Fits all Power House Ice Eater models
  • Made in USA
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Power House Aluminum Alloy Anode Replacement

The Aluminum Alloy Anode replacement component protects your Power House Ice Eater from costly motor damage due to erosion and corrosion. This Powerhouse Ice Eater part is designed to corrode and needs to be replaced when about half of the component has corroded. Corrosion occurs more rapidly in saltwater. Purchase this Powerhouse Ice Eater part and others from SavvyBoater.com

  • Sacrificial Aluminum Alloy Anode to protect against electrolysis
  • Allen wrench is included
  • Should be replaced when 50% of current anode has eroded away or when heavily corroded
  • For freshwater, check aluminum anode condition every 2-3 months
  • For saltwater, check aluminum anode condition at least monthly
  • Fits all Power House Ice Eater models
About Power House

Power House, Inc. was established in 1947 and has since developed a unique method of melting and preventing ice buildup around boats and piers. The original goal of Power House was to provide a dependable, affordable and efficient "insurance policy" for marinas, waterfront property and boat owners. Their mission is to produce the most dependable, energy-efficient products possible using the highest quality materials and environmentally friendly equipment.

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