Power House | P250 115V Ice Eater | 1/4 HP


  • 1/4 HP, 115 volt motor
  • Typically clears a 25' diameter
  • Improves water flow with 4 de-icing patterns
  • Includes aluminum anode; 2 suspension lines and set of 2 shackles
  • 3 Year Warranty
  (Minimum 5 units)
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Power House | P250 115V Ice Eater | 1/4 HP

Power House Ice Eaters quickly melt ice and prevent new ice from forming by driving warm water to the surface. These heavy-duty ice eaters feature a unique "flared shroud" that facilitates more efficient water flow. This Powerhouse P250 is designed for use in both saltwater and freshwater applications. All Powerhouse Ice Eaters are expertly crafted in the USA. NOTE: Use of extension cords is not recommended with de-icers, as it results in reduced performance and may damage the unit.

  • Powerhouse P250 with 1/4 HP motor moves water at 20 lbs. thrust
  • Clears up to a 25' open diameter (cleared area may vary in extreme conditions)
  • Patented PVC outer design improves water flow and accuracy with 4 de-icing patterns
  • 25', 50', 100' or 150' power cords are oil and water resistant
  • Extreme duty power cords prevent loss of voltage as electricity passes from power source to de-icer unit
  • Uses 2.5 running amps and draws 5 amps on start-up; 299 watts on line and 0.30 kilowatts per hour
  • Stainless steel motor shaft and housing with bronze end bell resist corrosion
  • Heavy-duty PVC custom brackets attach motor to shroud; All bolts and nuts are stainless steel
  • Includes aluminum anode; two 25' suspension lines and set of two shackles
  • 3 year warranty
Replacement Parts and Accessories
Other Uses
  • Functions as a circulator to deter winter fish kills
  • Acts as an aerator in warmer months to minimize mosquito reproduction
  • Creates a current to avoid algae or debris buildup
  • Directs algae or debris to a designated area for easy collection
About Power House

The Power House, Inc. was established in 1947 and has since developed a unique method of melting and preventing ice buildup around boats and piers. The original goal of Power House was to provide a dependable, affordable and efficient "insurance policy" for marinas, waterfront property and boat owners. Their mission is to produce the most dependable, energy-efficient products possible using the highest quality materials and environmentally friendly equipment.

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