Power House Vari-Speed Axial Flow System | For Oyster FLUPSY


  • Includes 1 HP Variable Speed Ice Eater with Control Panel
  • Ideal for oyster farmers
  • Engineered specifically for use in floating upweller systems (FLUPSY)
  • Simple to use - just push a button and dial in the flow rate
  • No more capacitors means system reliability is greatly increased
  • Made in USA
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Power House Vari-Speed Axial Flow System | For Oyster FLUPSY

The new Variable Speed Ice Eater System from Power House combines a 1HP Variable Speed Ice Eater with a Variable Speed Control Panel, allowing for adjustments to the water flow rate while reducing power use. No need to change out a smaller Ice Eater for a larger one - the Variable Speed Ice Eater System makes controlling the water flow through the ice eater as simple as turning a dial. Can be used in both saltwater and freshwater applications. All Power House Ice Eater products are expertly crafted in the USA.

Control Panel Specifications
  • Single start/stop button with run indicator
  • Change the flow rate by simply turning the dial
  • GFCI and output reactor ensure operator protection from electrical or motor issues
  • Control panel converts 3-phase 230V from Ice Eater to single phase 115V; input transformer plugs into a standard 115V GFCI outlet
  • Cannot be used with existing single-phase Ice Eater
  • 6' pigtail included
  • 2 year warranty
Ice Eater Specifications
  • 1 HP 3-phase motor can push 0-1,379 gallons per minute with increased efficiency and lower operating cost
  • Can run at 1.2 amps (reduced speed) up to 6.2 amps (full speed)
  • Patented PVC outer design improves water flow and accuracy with 4 de-icing patterns
  • Stainless steel motor shaft and housing with bronze end bell resist corrosion
  • Ice Eater includes aluminum anode, two 25' suspension lines and set of two shackles
  • 1 year warranty
Replacement Parts and Accessories
  • Vari-Speed Control Panel
  • Vari-Speed Ice Eater
Other Uses
  • Ideal for oyster farmers using the Ice Eater as an axial flow pump in floating upweller systems
  • 115V Ice Eater functions as a circulator to deter winter fish kills
  • Acts as an aerator in warmer months to minimize mosquito reproduction
  • Creates a current to avoid algae or debris buildup
  • Directs algae or debris to a designated area for easy collection
  • NOTE: Use of extension cords is not recommended with de-icers, as it results in reduced performance and may damage the unit
About Power House

The Power House, Inc. was established in 1947 and has since developed a unique method of melting and preventing ice buildup around boats and piers. The original goal of Power House was to provide a dependable, affordable and efficient "insurance policy" for marinas, waterfront property and boat owners. Their mission is to produce the most dependable, energy-efficient products possible using the highest quality materials and environmentally friendly equipment.


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