Dock/Raft 3-5 Step Ladder | Aluminum | Garelick | 15330


  • 3, 4 or 5 step models
  • Angled deployment for easy use
  • Dock / Hard Mount / Removable
  • Quick-release mechanism for off-season removal
  • Mounting hardware not included
  • Made in the U.S.A.


Height: 36" or 48" or 60"
Width: 18"

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Retail: $299.99
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When swimming in the lake; there is no better way to exit (and enter if you're not doing cannonballs) the water than with the Garelick Dock/Raft Ladder. The unique 10-degree makes it easier to climb the ladder; like climbing the stairs or step ladder. And; the traction-molded; curved steps provide comfort and sure-footing for wet feet.

The unique design allows the ladder to be flipped up and out of the water when not in use; which helps prevent the growth of algae or other marine life on the ladder; and a pair of Velcro straps are included to secure the ladder in the upright position. When folding the down; you need not worry about pinching your finger in the hinge mechanism. The hinge plate and vertical assembly brackets have rounded corners and angled designs; so there are no right angles at any point when the ladder is moving. If placed between the hinge and plate; your finger will just slide out of the way.

Algae and hinge design aside; the anodized aluminum steps and frame and the stainless steel hardware create a strong ladder that will withstand corrosion in any weather conditions. Should you wish to store the ladder indoors during long periods of no use it comes with quick-release pins so you can easily remove it from the dock or raft.

Prod. No.HeightWidthNo. of StepsFrameTube DiameterWeight Capacity
15330 36" 18" 3 Anodized Aluminum 1" 300 lbs
15340 48" 18" 4 Anodized Aluminum 1" 300 lbs
15350 60" 18" 5 Anodized Aluminum 1" 300 lbs
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