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Powerhouse Pond Aeration

Model Comparison

Long known for their dependable and highly efficient motors, The Powerhouse, Inc. manufactures pond aeration equipment for pond sizes ranging rom .1 to 1.5 acres. Whether your pond aeration requirements are for fish pond cultures or a recreational pond, choose from a lineup of Powerhouse pond aeration units from 1/2 to 1 HP in both single and dual propeller designs for high oxygen transfer -- and operating costs of Powerhouse aerators are far lower than those of most other pond aeration units.
Model # Voltage
per Minute
Pond Size
(in acres)
F250 115v 2.5 300 .25

230v 1.25 300 .25
F500 115v 5 884 .5

230v 2.5 884 .5
F750DP 115v 9.0 1,050 1

230v 4.8 1,050 1
F1000DP 115v 8.2 1,150 1.5

230v 4.1 1,150 1.5

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