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High Performance Ice Chests and Portable Electric Coolers

Not everyone needs a top of the line marine cooler, but if you do, we offer a great selection of the best ice chests and electric coolers on the market. Whether you're looking for a marine cooler or a dependable electric cooler, we have what you need.
High Performance Ice Chests are rugged marine coolers. With 2 or more inches of insulation and top quality seals and fixtures, they are able to retain ice for up to 7-10 days under reasonable conditions. They are built to last and can go anywhere you want to go.
Electric Coolers offer continuous refrigeration and can freeze ice to replenish traditional coolers. They work great as a portable freezer for the galley or cabin as they need to be fully protected from the elements and require a power source.
Electric Coolers & Portable Freezers
  • Continuous cooling
  • Constant temperatures
  • 14 qt. to 84 qt. capacity
  • 12 volt and 110 volt

Ice Chests - High Performance Plastic Marine Coolers
  • High efficiency ice retention
  • 2" of insulation
  • 35 qt. to 320 qt. capacity
  • Freezer grade seal

Are Engel Marine Coolers really worth the price? Serious sportsmen know that there is a world of difference between these high performance marine coolers and the standard Coleman or Igloo you can pick up for $50-$80. 

How do Standard and High Performance Marine Coolers Stack Up?

Standard Coolers
High Performance Coolers
2" +
Lid Seal
Freezer grade gasket
Friction or plastic latches
Durable positive latches
Light weight plastic
Super tough Roto-molded plastic or fiberglass
1-2 days
10-14 days*

 * When prepared and used as directed - actual performance will depend on circumstances.