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75 HP

Boat Props for 75 HP Outboard Motors by Suzuki

The following boat props are designed to fit 75 HP outboard motors from Suzuki.  Please note that you will need the model and model year of your motor to get an accurate fit. Different models in the same horse power range may use different gear cases or prop shafts.  We highly recommend that you visit our Boat Props for Suzuki page and use the handy Boat Propeller Finder to narrow your search to the specific set of props that will fit your particular motor.

Tooth count listed for each propeller refers to the number of teeth or splines on the drive shaft.  If the number of teeth on your drive shaft does not match with the tooth count listed for a given prop, that prop will not fit on your motor.  A matching tooth count does not guarantee the propeller will fit your motor.

Listed Models for 75 HP Suzuki Outboards: